Who is Jayson Tatum dating? Everything about Ella Mai will surprise you

Who is Jayson Tatum dating? Everything about Ella Mai

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Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter


The American professional basketball player, Jayson Tatum, currently engages his skills at the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 3, 1998, he plays both as a Small Forward and a Power Forward. Tatum has achieved several NBA All-Star recognitions and All-NBA honors, emphasizing his success in the sport.

Tatum maintains a relatively quiet relationship with British R&B singer, Ella Mai. Their romance originated around October 2020, opting for privacy over public appearances.

Although they reflect immense power and influence as a couple, they have consciously chosen not to actively seek the ‘power couple’ tag.

Who is Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend, Ella Mai?

Ella Mai, a London, England native born on November 3rd, 1994, to Jamaican and Irish parents, has significantly contributed to the global music scene.

She finished her education at the Queens High School in Glen Oaks, Queens, then returned to her British homeland. London, the city of her rearing, witnessed the dawn of her singing journey amidst the British and Irish Modern Music Institute’s buzzing culture.

Undeterred by bullying over her unique British lilt, Mai found fuel from idols such as Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, and Mariah Carey.

In 2014, her first taste of exposure arrived when she participated in X Factor’s 11th series as a member of ‘Arize’, which dissolved later, steering her towards a solo singing voyage.

In 2015, ‘Troubled’, Ella Mai’s EP, debuted on Soundcloud, roping in DJ Mustard’s attention via Instagram.

DJ Mustard’s notice subsequently facilitated her integration with 10 Summers Records and Interscope Records.

Her journey to stardom gained momentum with her first self-named studio album in October 2018, with the noteworthy chart leader “Boo’d Up,” clinching Grammy nominations for her.

Ella Mai’s music—richly infused with R&B and echoing romantic episodes—has not only won listeners’ hearts but also injected fresh life into the genre.

Celebrated with accolades such as the Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Artist, she remains a luminary in today’s music domain, persistently enhancing her reputation.

Ella Mai Age & Height

As of December 21, 2023, Ella Mai, who was born on November 3, 1994, is 29 years old. She stands 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs approximately 55 kg.

Hailing from London, England, she shares a mixed lineage with her mother being Jamaican and her father, English-Irish.



What does Ella Mai do?

Ella Mai, an English R&B songstress, built her reputation through enthralling performances and a distinctive style.

Studying at the British and Irish Modern Institute in London ignited her singing journey.

In 2015, she introduced her solo EP, “Troubled,” consisting of four tracks on SoundCloud. DJ Mustard discovered her on Instagram and offered her a contract with 10 Summers Records.

Her track “Boo’d Up” reached platinum in June 2018 and secured her nominations and victories at the Billboard Music Awards.

Ella Mai has also gained popularity through songs such as “Trip,” “Shot Clock,” and “Naked.” As a British singer-songwriter, she has emerged as a significant and influential figure in her generation of artists.

Her debut eponymous album entered the Billboard 200 at the 15th spot in its release year. In 2019, she claimed the title of British Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards.

Ella Mai finds encouragement in the works of several artists like Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, Brandy, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, and Mariah Carey.

When did Jayson Tatum meet Ella Mai?

It’s not entirely clear how the two crossed paths initially, but rumors suggest that they started their romantic journey together in October 2020, when she got spotted at his residence.

Unlike other popular dating profiles, they maintain a discerningly low-key presence and have seldom appeared in public together. However, their subtle social media interactions hint at their togetherness.

Given Tatum’s reputation as a key figure in the Association, and Mai’s emerging stardom in the music world, their discretion is understandable.

Their relationship might be shrouded in mystery, but they indeed strike as an adorable couple.

Adding a coincidental twist to the tale, Jaylen Brown, Tatum’s teammate from the Celtics, is romantically linked to one of Mai’s close friends, H.E.R, another rising star in the R&B orbit.

Given the tight-knit bond between Tatum and Brown, it’s plausible they’ve enjoyed a few double dates. Unlike Tatum’s well-documented dating history, Mai’s love life has stayed under wraps.

It’s reasonable to assume that they are making the most of the NBA off-season, spending considerable time together.

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