NBA – Married to Savannah, the incendiary rumor about LeBron and a TikToker!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his wife, Savannah (right)

LeBron James has been married for years to his wife Savannah, his high school sweetheart and with whom he started a happy family. Which does not prevent the King from regularly finding himself at the heart of dark rumors, the latest having fallen during All-Star Weekend.

LeBron James' Wife Savannah Slays In Cutout Crop Top & Skirt — Video –  Hollywood Life
If LeBron James has been the most famous face of the NBA for years, it is also because the Lakers winger represents the ideal showcase for the big league. In addition to being one of the best basketball players of all time, the former Cavs is also known for his impeccable private life, he being married and a father.

We know that LBJ is known for not paying attention to what is said about him and even less when the tabloids get involved. The problem is that he frequently finds himself accused of infidelity without there necessarily being any proof… but given his notoriety, it always causes a lot of noise. It certainly hit home again a few days ago, during All-Star Weekend:

LeBron James still subject to accusations of infidelity

LeBron is going to sleep on the couch tonight

This is a young woman with the alias Mclovin, notably active on Tiktok and of whom Bron would have liked a photo with the message: “the guy in my DM’s told me I was pretty”. Unsurprisingly, many people thought that the man in question was none other than the player… which the main interested party quickly denied on her social networks, without however convincing many people.

Mclovin : Oh my god I never met LeBron. I am not his mistress

BullsMuse : Klutch Sports took care of it

The boss made some calls

Much ado about not much and we doubt that LeBron is paying attention to it, he who has other fish to fry with the Lakers currently. This is not the first time that he has been attacked over his private life and unfortunately, there is little chance that it will be the last.

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