F1 Wives and Girlfriends 2024: Meet the Love Interests of the 18 of 20 Drivers in a Relationship.bb

F1 Wives and Girlfriends 2024: Meet the Love Interests of the 18 of 20 Drivers in a Relationship

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One of the most difficult parts of being a professional F1 driver is maintaining a relationship with other people, especially one’s significant other. With the eyes of the media always on them and a packed schedule that keeps drivers mostly away from home, spending enough quality time becomes a challenge.


However, most of the G1 drivers are making it work, thanks to the support and understanding of their respective partners. But who’s committed to whom? Let’s find out.

Reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen

Three-time reigning world champion Max Verstappen has been in a public relationship with Kelly Piquet since the end of 2020. Daughter of former driver and another three-time world champion Nelson Piquet, Verstappen’s partner is a Model and Columnist.


Given her family background, Piquet knows the importance of supporting her partner and rarely misses out on a chance to shower Verstappen with her support, often taking to social media platforms to showcase the same.

Piquet has a daughter, Penelope, who loves living with Verstappen, whom she lovingly calls ‘Maxie.’ They also have two cats in their house in Monaco. Both Verstappen and Piquet are in favor of starting a family someday and having kids of their own.

The heir to the Ferrari throne- Charles Leclerc

While he kept his relationship under wraps for a while, Charles Leclerc went public about his relationship with TikTok sensation Alexandra Saint Mleux. The duo now often make public appearances as they head out to watch Basketball and Tennis matches.


Away from the games, Mleux also frequents the paddock during race days, and the couple even shares pictures on their social media handles from their romantic getaways.

The relationship is catching a lot of wind, especially since the two have increased visibility on social media, and things seem to be heading somewhere serious between the two.

The ‘Honey Badger’ of F1- Daniel Ricciardo

Returning to a driving seat and enjoying a callback to form isn’t the only good thing going on in the life of Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian driver is currently dating Heidi Berger, who is the daughter of former F1 driver Gerhard Berger. The couple went public in 2022 and have since been sharing special moments from their shared experiences on social media.

‘Daddy Long Legs’ George Russell

The up-and-coming Mercedes driver, George Russell, has been in a public relationship with investor relations specialist Carmen Montero Mundt since 2020. While they keep most of their relationship under wraps, the couple occasionally shares certain moments on social media.

Russell and Mundt are in close contact with Toto and Susie Wolff, and the four often meet with each other for dinners and vacations.

F1’s hottest new property- Oscar Piastri

The rising star in the realm of F1, Oscar Piastri, met his girlfriend, Lily Zniemer, back when they were still in school. While the two never revealed how long they have been seeing each other, they decided to go public about their relationship in early 2019.

Zniemer, who is a social activist and is currently pursuing higher education, often visits the paddock to support her boyfriend during races.

One half of the ‘Yukierre’ bromance- Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly has been dating Portuguese model Francisca Cerqueira Gomes since the start of 2022. The duo made their first public appearance while visiting a nightclub in Portugal. They have since made appearances in F1 events and often face challenges in handling the media attention.

Most of it stems from the couple’s age difference, given Gomes is 20 while Gasly is 27. However, they do a good job of tuning down the noise.

The other brother of the pair- Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda once revealed he was dating a “European girl,” but the 23-year-old never even revealed the name of the girl, building up an air of mystery around the special someone in his life.

Only the second-ever Thai driver in F1- Alex Albon

Professional F1 driver and part-time Golfer Alex Albon has been dating LPGA Tour Golfer Lily Muni. The duo met after Muni saw the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive.’

While the conversation began due to Muni’s sheer fascination with the world of F1, it soon evolved into something else, and the two decided to take their friendship one step further.

The French flair on the grid- Esteban Ocon

Following a split with Elena Berri, Esteban Ocon started seeing Miss Cote d’Azur (2022) Flavy Barla. The alleged relationship received confirmation after Barla was present at the 2023 Abu Dhabi GP to lend her support for Ocon from the Alpine paddock.

Away from being a model, Barla is also a medical student pursuing her studies to help fight against cancer.

The new hero of Ferrari- Carlos Sainz

Standing as the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race in 2023, Carlos Sainz is rumored to be in a relationship with Scottish model Rebecca Donaldson. The rumors arose in late 2023 after a video on X showed the couple walking the streets of Milan together.

Away from the video, fans spotted them spending time together during the summer break, raising expectations of seeing them together in the paddock soon.

He who probably has the only ‘permanent’ F1 contract- Lance Stroll

Validated through their posts on social media, Lance Stroll is currently in a relationship with Marilou Belanger. Rumors of them dating first grew when they appeared together during the 2023 summer break.

They have since made several appearances together, including visiting the Belle Centre and Belanger supporting Stroll from the paddock.

Calendar Boy of grid- Valtteri Bottas

Following a split with his ex-wife in 2020, Valtteri Bottas started dating Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell in the same year. The duo share various adventure trips, and Cromwell has become an important part of the life of the Finnish driver. They also have a joint venture in the gin industry called ‘Oath Gin.’

The son of a Le Mans legend- Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen‘s unfortunate departure from McLaren proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Danish driver, as it led to him meeting with Louise Gjørup. The two dated for a while before saying ‘I do’ to each other in 2019.

The couple has two daughters together- the older one named Laura and the younger one named Agnes.

The most successful Mexican driver in F1 history- Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez married his wife, Carola Martinez, in 2018, and the couple has three children together. Despite her husband’s fame and stature in the country, Martinez opts to live a low-key life. Their lives stood a major test during the 2023 season, with Perez facing immense backlash, but the couple stood the test of time and continue to be happy.

The first active F1 driver to win Le Mans in 24 years- Nico Hulkenberg

Opting to keep most of his personal life away from the eyes of the media, Nico Hulkenberg married Lithuanian model and fashion designer Egle Ruskyte in 2015. In 2021, the pair welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Noemi Sky.

The Statistical GOAT of F1- Lewis Hamilton

While there are no certainties about who Lewis Hamilton is currently dating, the latest rumors suggest a growing link between him and Colombian singer Shakira.

Rumors also grew of Hamilton dating Juliana Nalu when fans spotted them spending time together in Brazil.

‘Bad Boy’ Fernando Alonso

TikTok sensation Fernando Alonso is rumored to be in a relationship with DAZN Journalist Melissa Jiménez. The rumors arose because of their public appearances, including going on holidays together and traveling in Alonso’s private jet.

The only American driver on the grid- Logan Sargeant

Rumors arising mostly through social media posts, interactions, and several appearances at various events suggest Logan Sargeant and Riley Whittal are in the early stages of a budding romance.

F1 also has a couple of single guys

Both Lando Norris and Zhou Guanyu are currently single and not dating anyone officially.

However, Norris’ name was recently associated with that of Magui Corceiro, who is the ex-girlfriend of Soccer star Joao Felix. Meanwhile, Guanyu has no links with any females.

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