Discovering Kylian Mbappe’s real diet and exercise routines to learn from his idol Cristiano Ronaldo

kylian mbappé is considered to be one of the top players on both the France national team and the Paris Saint-Germain football club. On the international playing field, his status as a top-tier player is well-established and well-known.

mbappé was born and raised in Bondy, which is a suburb of Paris, and has spent almost all of his life in the city, with the exception of a two-year period during which he played for monaco.

mbappé’s time with Monaco, during which he won his first championship, garnered the attention of people all over the world. As a result, in 2017, he made the move to Paris Saint-Germain on a loan for the duration of one year.

The soccer community has watched as the young mbappé has rapidly developed into one of the most influential French players. His speed and ability to finish make him nearly “unstoppable” at times. The rapid development of the young mbappé has been observed by the soccer community. This French striker became the second forward in World Cup history to score a hat trick in the last game of the tournament in 2022.

mbappe is one of the most gifted active footballers and also one of the most physically fit. He has amazed people all around the world with his ability. Following his participation in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, he recently made his way back to PSG in order to resume his training there. He is a member of the French national squad. In addition to taking part in the activities associated with the Ligue 1 championship, he and PSG will also participate in the Champions League.

According to reports, Mbappé turned down an offer to move to Manchester United Club, citing the fact that he is a French national and that his place of residence is in France. Mbappé signed a three-year contract extension with the Paris Saint-Germain football team in may 2022, despite months of rumors that Real Madrid, a team in the La Liga, was interested in signing him.


kуlian mbappé is a renоwned athlete whо is highlу regarded as оne оf the tоp fоrwards in the histоrу оf fооtball.

In addition to his impressive athletic ability, which is known for its ball-handling skills, dribbling, agility, and speed, he is devoted to a specific nutrition plan and physical exercise program, both of which contribute to his impressive athletic ability.

It is impossible to know every element of kylian mbappé’s practice routine because his trainer constantly makes changes to the program depending on the conditions.

Although we are aware that he begins each day with drills and workouts selected by his club trainer, the information that is provided below provides us with a sense of the foundation upon which his physical fitness routine is built.

Leg Workout 1 consists of warming up with stretches, then performing squats, deadlifts, walking lunges, and leg extension curls.

Exercise 2 for the legs consists of deep barbell squats, Bulgarian squats, side glute cable kickbacks, and hip thrusters to back glute cable kickbacks. Also included are single-leg pushdowns and hyperextensions in addition to the hip abduction machine.

Shoulders and deltoids day includes exercises like as dumbbell shoulder presses, lateral and front raises, and bent-over dumbbell lateral raises. Additionally, cable upright rows and delt flyes should be performed.

Pull-ups, lat pulldowns, and barbell and cable rows are on the agenda for back and biceps day. Curls with a dumbbell, curls with a hammer, and curls with a rope are also included.

Push-ups, dumbbell presses to flyes, bench presses, and cable flyes are the exercises for today’s chest and triceps day. In addition to that, skull crushers, dips, and triceps pushdowns.


Abs workouts should come after weight lifting because they are just as important. This is done at least three times a week, and mbappé’s abdominal training most likely consists of the following exercises.

Exercises such as the crunch, the cross crunch, the side plank, the plank hold, and plank ball pushes. In addition to that, scissor kicks, and leg rises while hanging from a ball.

The diet followed by KYLIAN MBAPPÉ

It is not as well known about Mbappé’s diet as it is about the diets of other famous football players such as Lionel Messi from Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, or the Brazilian professional footballer Neymar da Sila Santos Jnr. from Brazil.

We do know certain things about Kylian Mbapé’s eating routine, and one of those things is that he maintains a healthy, well-balanced diet and doesn’t typically cheat on his meals.

He consumes the following foods throughout the course of his day:

Eggs poached in butter made from either almonds or acacia and porridge for breakfast.

a protein bar for a snack in the middle of the morning, between breakfast and lunch.

Wraps filled with chicken or tuna, accompanied by a side salad.

Snack in the afternoon: a protein smoothie and fresh or dried fruit, whatever you want.

Dinner consists of chicken or fish accompanied with brown rice and a variety of vegetables.

A protein smoothie for a snack before dinner.

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