10 ‘STRICT’ parenting rules of Man Utd legend David Beckham and Victoria: No ‘Curfew’; Never miss school


In order for their children to grow up to be polite and useful people, the Beckhams have set strict rules for their children.


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The Beckham couple, who are well-known for their individual accomplishments in music, sports, and fashion, have always drawn media attention, particularly after the birth of their children. Every Beckham child is unique in their life, goals, and profession, but they all share the trait of having been raised well, being courteous, and working hard.

So, how did David and Victoria do? Here are 10 strict rules the couple sets for their children:

1. The Beckham family is taught how to behave from a young age

David Beckham stands on tippy-toes in family Christmas photo

David admits that he is quite a strict disciplinarian with his children, especially his three sons.

“Victoria and I were raised by our parents with strict discipline and respect for everyone, and our boys certainly got that,” David said in a 2013 interview.

“Our kids have been saying please and thank you since they were 2 or 3 years old. They are very polite boys,” David added.

David Beckham spends some quality time with his three boys as he takes them on a bike ride | Daily Mail Online

2. The kids have strict dating rules

Cutest loved-up Beckham boys moments: Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz's love interests | HELLO!

In 2016, Beckham revealed that at a certain age, their children will have to follow certain dating rules. The famous father said that they will not follow their sons’ wishes and that the rules for sons and daughters are different.

3. Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham used to have part-time jobs when they were teenagers

Brooklyn Beckham's cooking show problem: He doesn't know how

Despite their parents’ huge net worth, the Beckham children know the value of 1 USD. In 2014, it was reported that 15-year-old Brooklyn took a weekend job and went to a London cafe to earn extra money. David and Victoria want their children to know how difficult it is to make money.

In 2017, Romeo was reportedly working at the same coffee shop his brother did before, earning less than $4 an hour.

4. David and Victoria monitor their children’s social media

David Beckham 'read riot act' to Brooklyn amid war between Victoria and his wife Nicola Peltz-Beckham | PerthNow

When Brooklyn Beckham joined Instagram in 2015, his fame quickly skyrocketed. But David and Victoria did not let their son be swept away by the “waves” on the internet.

“Because our son Brooklyn had 4 million followers on Instagram by the time he was 16, we controlled everything he posted, everything Brooklyn did. This also applies to our other children,” David shared.

5. Brooklyn Beckham didn’t know his father was famous until he was 13 years old

David and Brooklyn Beckham involved in car smash-up | Page Six

It seems that not letting fame overwhelm their children is the Beckham couple’s top priority. In fact, they even try to keep their reputation a secret from their children so they can always maintain modesty. In a 2017 interview, Brooklyn revealed that he had no idea how famous his parents were until he was 13 years old.

“I went to a football match and people were shouting my dad’s name and I was like: What! Oh my God!”, Brooklyn said.

6. David and Victoria forced their children to study at expensive private schools

Here's Proof Victoria Beckham Won Mother's Day in the U.K.


David and Victoria always focus on investing in their children’s education. This is a big priority in the Beckham family. This is also the reason why Beck’s family moved from Los Angeles to London to live. Because the couple wants their child to study at what is considered the best school in the world.

Romeo and Cruz are known to have studied at Wetherby – the private school that Prince William and Prince Charles attended.

7. Beckham’s children need to behave well at school

Inside Brooklyn Beckham's Private Family World


Investing in their child’s education at one of the most expensive schools in the world, the couple wants their child to be well-trained not only in knowledge but also in personality. David and Victoria were very happy when the teacher said that the Beck children behaved very well in school.

8. The Beckham children never miss school

Harper Beckham admits she's 'nervous' to go back to school as dad David gives her hug - OK! Magazine

Understanding the value of money spent on private education also means ensuring their children never miss a day of school.

In 2018, Victoria shared a photo of Romeo and Cruz dressed and ready to face a snowstorm on the way to school. She captioned the photo: “When mum makes you go to school in the snow. And your friends don’t go.”

Terrible mother' Victoria Beckham forces kids Romeo, Cruz and Harper to go to school on snow day | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

9. The Beckham kids don’t have a “curfew”

David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham Both Know Exactly How to Dress for a Date | GQ

One thing that the Beckham family seems to be lenient with their children is regarding “curfew”. This is not for the couple to be lenient with their children, letting them indulge, but for the children to be aware of when they have to go home.

Brooklyn revealed that, although his parents were strict, they did not impose a “curfew”.

“My parents are really nice, but I never come home late anyway,” Brooklyn said.

10. David and Victoria make sure their children give to charity and are aware of their privilege

David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham Both Know Exactly How to Dress for a Date | GQ

Victoria says it’s important to her that her children know how lucky they are in this life and that they encourage them to help others.

“David and I explain to the kids what a good life they have. We tell our children that in many parts of the world, children are hungry, homeless and sick. All of the children understand the importance of helping others,” Victoria said.

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