Julia Fox shows off her toned body in a skimpy outfit made completely of REAL leaves.

Julia Fox not only modeled, but created a one-of-a-kind ensemble made completely out of real leaves and shared the process on her Instagram earlier Saturday.

The actress and model, 32, also uploaded the clip on her main TikTok page, and explained that she was ‘obsessed with leaves’ and became ‘inspired’ to make the unique dress.

The Italian-born star, who is mother to one, has recently become prominent on the fashion scene due to her bold sense of style.

Unique ensemble: Julia Fox, 32, constructed a revealing dress entirely out of real leaves she had gathered from outside and shared the process onto her Instagram and TikTok earlier Saturday

The Uncut Gems actress introduced the outfit in the caption as, ‘THE FALL 2022 DRESS.’

She then quickly typed that the dress was, ‘Made from leaves and resin’ and then proceeded to thank her close friend and artist, Emma Fujiko, ‘for helping me bring my vision to life.’

At the beginning of the reel, Julia could be heard on a voice over expressing, ‘I’m obsessed with leaves and I go to the park everyday so I’ve been seeing the leaves change.’

The model added, ‘And I just got really inspired.’ She then asked her best friend, who is also an artist and ‘resin master,’ to assist on the project.

Julia Fox gets in the Fall spirit with a dress by Emma Fujiko


‘Inspired’: The model explained that she had been seeing the leaves change everyday and ‘got really inspired’

Julia shared a brief compilation of creating the resin and prepping the leaves to be glued together.

The actress explained that, ‘Leaves are so important. They rake them up and blow them away. But it’s really tree food.’

She additionally filmed a close up of two leaves that were turned into earrings. One was made from a mulberry leaf, which Julia expressed was a ‘staple’ of New York City.

Once the leaves were dry, they were hot glued together and thin chains were added to secure the pieces together.

Although Julia had labeled the ensemble the ‘Fall 2022 dress,’ she explained, ‘I kind of want it to be like body jewelry, more than like clothing.’

Body jewelry: When talking about the ensemble, the actress explained, ‘I kind of want it to be like body jewelry, more than like clothing’

The process: Julia worked with her friend and artist, Emma, to put the leaves together with resin to create the outfit

Accessories: Other additional spare leaves, the mother of one also created matching earrings for the look

The final top piece appeared to be a bralette with a few loose leaves added underneath. ‘I wanted to make it look like the leaves were falling since its like the Fall 2022 dress.’

Towards the end of the clip, which has currently garnered over 200,000 views on TikTok alone, Julia modeled the final product.

‘I’m kind of obsessed with it,’ the mother of one gushed, adding, ‘it was really a labor of love.’

The star paired the ensemble with over-the-knee, brown boots that coincided with the color scheme of the leafy look.

She parted her hair to the side and allowed the locks to effortlessly flow straight past her shoulders, giving a glimpse of her leaf earrings.

Julia Fox talks anti-aging products and rumored weight loss


Final look: Once the dress was glued and chained together, Julia filmed herself in a mirror to give her fans and followers a closer look at the finished product

Ready for fall: After showing off her leafy, one-of-a-kind ensemble, the star concluded the clip by expressing, ‘Anything can be clothes ladies’


Posing: Julia modeled the overall ensemble which she paired with over-the-knee, brown leather boots

To conclude the video that she excitedly shared on social media, Julia expressed that, ‘Anything can be clothes ladies.’

Julia was previously married to pilot Peter Artemiev from 2018 until their divorce was finalized two years later in July 2020. She welcomed their son, Valentino, shortly after the divorce in January 2021.

At the beginning of this year in January, it was confirmed the model was dating Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye West. However, the relationship was short-lived and ended the following month.

During an interview on the Showtime late-night talk show hosted by Ziwe Fumudoh uploaded on Wednesday, Julia briefly touched on her dating life and relationship status.

The model expressed that she felt, ‘all men are equally horrible to be honest, all men. It’s just a man thing,’ and added that she had started to think about dating women. ‘Because I do think I have, you know, a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more.’

Julia Fox reveals how Kanye West romance impacted her career


‘Obsessed’: The mother of one could be heard in a voice over in the video stating, ‘I’m kind of obsessed with it,’ adding, ‘it was really a labor of love’

Dating life: During an interview with Ziwe Fumudoh which aired recently this month in November, Julia stated, ‘I do think I have, you know, a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more’; seen in November in NYC

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