“I bet he likes older women”: Nicole Kidman Tried To Set Up Charlize Theron With Marvel Star Who’s Almost 20 Years Younger Than Her After Her Long Dry Spell

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear new relationships forming and old ones falling apart in Hollywood. In an industry that has something for all of us every now and then, there are some who choose to prefer building their own world rather than becoming a part of chaos. 

Women like Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde) have not yet been able to land a proper date in all these years of her electrifying career. But, everything is groovy when you are friends with Nicole Kidman!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

The two veteran actresses worked alongside in the 2019 film Bombshell. But it looks like just one project in their career was enough for them to understand each other. Both Kidman and Theron are considered to be highly “uncompromising” when it comes to their values.

Nicole Kidman To The Rescue of Charlize Theron

Having a history of an unsuccessful marriage, we can very well understand Nicole Kidman’s desire for Charlize Theron to get the most suitable life partner for herself.

Theron’s on-screen “tough” presence in some of her films like – Hancock, Atomic Blonde, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Old Guard has portrayed her as one of the fiercest women to be around. But, in her private life, she is exactly the opposite.

Cast of Bombshell (2019) on The Ellen ShowCast of

Bombshell (2019) on The Ellen Show

In an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2019, DeGeneres, Kidman, and her Bombshell friend Margot Robbie take on the job of finding her a date. In an interview with ET a couple of months prior to this episode, Theron told how “shockingly available” she had been after being single for almost 10 years.

They went on to discuss the likes of Drake and Trevor Noah. The 47-year-old actor cringed upon hearing the latter, saying “Yeah, like, he literally is my brother” as she and Noah both hail from South Africa and that would be really “weird” for her.

Nicole Kidman Tried To Set Up Charlize Theron With “Him?”

They exhausted many options, including one of Nicole Kidman’s ex – Lenny Kravitz which made her uncomfortable. But, later in their game of ‘who would Charlize rather,’ Brad Pitt popped up.

Kidman, Theron, and Robbie all shared a laugh when the Aquaman star said proudly, “I did not date Brad.”

Before finally zeroing in on Creed actor Michael B. Jordan, they considered one Marvel star that Charlize Theron could have a lot of fun with, given his charming personality.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Appearing in the post-credit scenes of Eternals, Harry Styles could be a suitable choice, according to Kidman. “I literally could be his mother,” said Theron while Kidman jokingly tells her, “I bet he likes older women.”

Charlize Theron has 20 years on the Eternals star as she is already raising two adopted children of her own. “You’re out of your mind Nicole,” said Theron as she celebrates a “high-value” image in the industry.

Nicole Kidman will be next seen in this year’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as Queen Atlanna. The film releases on December 20.

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