“Do you have a nice stomach?”: Megan Fox Was Asked a Bizarre Question by Michael Bay for $709M Transformers Audition Before Getting Fired by Steven Spielberg for ‘Hitler’ Comment

Megan Fox is arguably one of the most s*xy and beautiful stars in Hollywood. With a perfect face and a physique to match, Fox has sent her male audiences swooning and the women desperate to look like her.

The actor became a household name with the Transformers films starring Shia LeBoeuf and directed by Michael Bay. Bay, whose films are known to be visually stimulating not just from the action point of view, but also in the manner in which he projects the female stars, was instrumental in making Megan Fox look sizzling on screen.

Megan fox

Hollywood star Megan Fox

Fox who departed from the franchise under controversial circumstances after the first two films, spoke about her experiences playing her character Mikaela Banes, the audience reaction to her, and how director Michael Bay cast her in the role following an unusual audition process.

Megan Fox Answered Two Strange Questions For The Transformers Audition

Hollywood actor Megan Fox became a superstar after her role in Michael Bay’s Transformers, also starring Shia LeBoeuf. The Jennifer’s Body actor’s sizzling personality on screen made her one of the most desirable stars. Fox, in an interview, elaborated on the rather strange way in which Michael Bay cast her for the role. According to the Passion Play actor, Bay was concerned only about two aspects that he wished to see in her.

“The only thing Mike asked me when I was reading with him and auditioning, he just asked me if I could run. He’s like, ‘Can you run?’ I was like, ‘Well yeah, I think so.’ And the other thing he asked me, he goes, ‘Do you have a nice stomach?’ And I said, ‘Well, in my opinion, yes I do.’

Megan Fox

Megan Fox in Transformers

Michael Bay’s instructions to Megan fox  to look ‘s*xy and hot’ at all times during the filming, ultimately did not sit well with the star who felt that she was being typecast and objectified for her appearance. This led to her making a controversial comment about Bay that saw her leave the franchise permanently.

Megan Fox Was Given Marching Orders By Steven Spielberg

Despite gaining superstardom through the first and second installments of Transformers, Megan Fox was controversially fired from the franchise. The Dictator actor felt that director Michael Bay’s obsession with her physical appearance made her feel objectified. Though she confirmed that Bay was not preying on her or taking advantage of her, the star felt pushed into a corner where she was not allowed to move past her beauty. Fox vocalized these thoughts and said,

‘Who am I talking to? Where am I supposed to be looking at?’ And he responds, ‘Just be s*xy.’ I get mad when people talk to me like that. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for.”
Megan Fox

Megan Fox with Transformers director Michael Bay

While Michael Bay confessed that he wasn’t particularly offended by Fox’s ‘Hitler’ remark, the director revealed that it was his famous colleague Steven Spielberg who insisted that the star be removed from the  future films of the franchise. Ultimately, after 5 years, Megan Fox and Michael Bay made amends and let bygones be bygones.

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