Tom Cruise is “invisible” in his daughter’s life despite regularly sending money?

Suri Cruise is 16 years old, the only biological daughter of actor Tom Cruise, and has just submitted an application to study at a fashion academy in New York. Before Suri’s important choice, Tom Cruise was silent.Tom Cruise vô hình trong cuộc sống của con gái dù đều đặn gửi tiền? - 1

Suri Cruise – the 16-year-old daughter of actor Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes – has applied to study at a famous fashion academy in New York (USA).

Before his daughter’s important first life choice, actor Tom Cruise is said to not interfere. It is even said that Tom Cruise has not appeared in the lives of mother and daughter Katie Holmes for the past decade.

In fact, the relationship between Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise has been a subject of international media and public interest for many years. Differences in views on faith and religion are said to be an important cause leading to the breakdown of the marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

This is also said to be the reason why the father-daughter relationship between Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise was “frozen” for many years. More than a decade has passed since Suri and her mother left Hollywood to move to New York. Suri’s maturity has always attracted public attention. Currently, Suri has become a beautiful young woman.

Throughout Suri’s journey to maturity, actor Tom Cruise was said to be completely “invisible”, he never appeared in his daughter’s personal life, did not have any direct involvement in raising her. teaches his only biological daughter.
Tom Cruise vô hình trong cuộc sống của con gái dù đều đặn gửi tiền? - 2
Tom Cruise vô hình trong cuộc sống của con gái dù đều đặn gửi tiền? - 3

An anonymous source close to actress Katie Holmes shared with the Daily Mail (UK) news outlet that Tom Cruise has no place in Suri’s life because father and daughter have not seen each other for a decade. past century. Although there is no direct contact with his daughter, Tom Cruise is still paying many expenses, including Suri’s tuition.

When divorcing, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had detailed and specific agreements regarding joint custody of their children. Accordingly, Tom Cruise sends Katie Holmes $400,000 each year to support raising her children until Suri turns 18 years old.

In addition, Tom Cruise is willing to pay for other expenses in Suri’s life, including health care costs, tuition at all levels and money for extracurricular activities.

Tom Cruise is said to always fully fulfill the financial support commitments made in the divorce agreement, but the actor does not appear directly in his daughter’s life.

The fact that Tom Cruise was “invisible” in Suri’s growing up journey did not have much impact on Katie Holmes’ psychology when she raised her child alone for the past decade: “Katie has always put Suri as the top priority in her life.” In her life, Suri also loves her mother very much. She is very smart and is gradually maturing. Suri has a group of close friends and she lives a very practical life, sociable with her friends,” the anonymous source said.
Tom Cruise vô hình trong cuộc sống của con gái dù đều đặn gửi tiền? - 4

Besides being interested in fashion, Suri also has a passion for singing. Suri performed several songs in the movie Alone Together directed by her biological mother. Sharing with the media about her daughter, Katie Holmes said: “I asked my daughter to perform some songs in the movie I directed because to me, she is very talented.”

In another film project made by Katie called Rare Objects, Suri was also invited by her mother to contribute her voice. Ever since Suri was young, Katie Holmes was impressed by her daughter’s fashion sense. Suri always made frank comments about the clothes her mother wore and often gave suggestions that made Katie Holmes feel very happy. admire.

Katie commented that her only daughter has a very strong personality: “Once Suri has chosen an activity to pursue, she will try her best until she is really good at that activity.” Just after that, she found another activity to strive for. Suri is always very focused and always works hard and makes efforts.”

In fact, in 2013, a year after divorcing Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise explained that he did not see his daughter often because of his busy work schedule and he had to film abroad. At that time, Tom Cruise confirmed that he called his son every day to talk to him.

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