The mother gave birth to a picturesque, 8-month-old mixed-race baby who appeared in a famous Korean movie

Appearing in episode 9, part 2 of the famous Korean drama “Penthouse – Battle of the Upper Class”, little Dan Hy captured the hearts of many viewers.

Recently, the movie “Penthouse – The Upper Class War” – a blockbuster TV series on SBS is making waves throughout Asia. Not long ago in episode 9, part 2 of this movie, the Vietnamese girl who played the childhood role of Joo Seok Kyung – the daughter of main actor Shim Su Ryeon (played by actor Lee Ji Ah) won many audiences. enjoy. Although the baby’s role appeared through photos recreating the past, she also quickly captured the audience’s hearts because of her cuteness and cuteness when sitting obediently on actress Lee Ji Ah’s lap.

9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 19X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 3

Behind-the-scenes photos of the movie.

Most especially, this is a Vietnamese-Korean mixed-race baby, whose Korean name is Huh Ga Hee, Vietnamese name is Du Tue Dan Hy and nickname is Jerry. The baby’s father is Hea In Seok from Korea and his mother is Du Thuy Anh, 27 years old, from Binh Phuoc, Vietnam. Ever since he was born, Dan Hy has been famous on social networks for his pinkish white skin, big black eyes, high nose and pretty mouth. Each photo of Dan Hy shared by his parents received thousands of likes and from there caught the eye of the director of the movie Penthouse – The Battle of the Upper Class. Not only famous when she was born, Thuy Anh’s story of being pregnant and giving birth to baby Dan Hy in a foreign country is also extremely interesting.

Giving birth far away from home, I was choked by her husband’s words

Ms. Thuy Anh and Mr. Hea In Seok got married in 2019. After 7 months of living together, Ms. Thuy Anh received the good news of having a baby. The joy doubled for her whole family when she received information from the doctor that she was pregnant with a baby girl. The whole husband’s family, especially her husband, was happy as if he had become a different person because the “family full of nephews” finally had a princess.

Her pregnancy went very smoothly, with no morning sickness or difficulty eating. Her husband, who is over 16 years old, takes extremely good care of her. He is strict and thoroughly researches each dish for her so as not to affect the baby. And during her pregnancy, she gained 15kg.

9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 4

Ms. Thuy Anh, pregnant with baby Dan Hy, gained 15kg.

It is known that Ms. Thuy Anh followed her pregnancy until week 34 in Vietnam and then went to Korea with her husband to prepare for giving birth. She gave birth 2 weeks before her expected birth date. Speaking of this, she smiled and said that before giving birth, she and her husband had time to go on a trip more than 400km away. On the way home, she had a stomach ache and thought she was about to give birth, but when she went to the doctor, she still let her go home. Who would have thought that at 3 a.m. the next morning, she would bleed, have abdominal pain, and show signs of giving birth.

“I gave birth during the epidemic season, so only my mother-in-law and husband were allowed to go to the hospital. After her mother-in-law pushed her into the delivery room, she also had to leave and was not allowed to stay, only her husband stayed to take care of his wife. After suffering from 3:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to help my pelvis expand, I couldn’t stand it and bled a lot, so the doctor ordered surgery,” Ms. Thuy Anh recalled.

Baby Dan Hy of Ms. Thuy Anh and Mr. Seok was born weighing 3kg in July 2020. To this day, she still remembers the moment she heard the loud cry and saw her child’s face and open eyes looking at her mother. At that moment, she couldn’t hold back her tears of happiness. She looked at her child with tears in her eyes.

9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 5

Baby Dan Hy was born weighing 3kg.

Sharing more, Ms. Thuy Anh said that she remembers most the time she had a cesarean section in the hospital. Because of the pandemic, only her husband stayed, and Seok alone took care of her while the surgery wound still hurt and she couldn’t work. From personal hygiene, cleaning her surgical wound to even taking care of the children, he took care of everything.

“Seok is a man and is a father for the first time, so he’s very confused. Every time my husband holds the baby, I don’t dare let him stand up, or every time I change the baby’s diaper, there’s all the dirt on it. Changing the diaper also means changing the mattress,” Ms. Thuy Anh laughed.

At 9 months old, everyone recognizes him on the street

Sharing about the difficulties after giving birth, Ms. Thuy Anh said that she was still tired after giving birth, but her husband’s family helped her with everything, from her mother-in-law cooking seaweed soup for a month to help her regain strength and have more milk for her child. The aunts take care of the children so she can rest. Even though her husband is busy with work, he still spends time helping his wife take care of the children, so she doesn’t encounter many difficulties.

“My baby is very good, not picky about eating, sleeps easily, and doesn’t cry, so taking care of him is not difficult at all. The first time I became a mother, I was quite surprised and clumsy. I was afraid of not holding the baby correctly and would hurt him. When I bathed him, I was afraid of water getting into his ears, and I was most afraid when he vomited. Luckily, my baby rarely vomits and I also have to learn how to take good care of my baby,” confided Ms. Thuy Anh.

9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 6
9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 7
9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 8

2-month-old baby Dan Hy is already famous on social networks.
Sharing more, Ms. Thuy Anh said that baby Dan Hy has big black eyes, white skin and a cute baby face, so since he was born he has received constant compliments from everyone. Everyone complimented the baby as beautiful and adorable as an angel. At just 2 months old, baby Dan Hy has caused a stir on social networks in both Vietnam and Korea and is loved by many people. Thanks to that, she caught the eye of the director of the movie Penthouse – High Class War and was invited to play the role of Joo Seok Kyung, the young daughter of Joo Dan Tae and Shim Su Ryeon, appearing in a few scenes in parts 2 and 3. next.

It is known that at the time of participating in the filming of Penthouse – The Upper Class War, Thuy Anh’s baby Dan Hy was 8 months old. Currently, the baby is 9 months old, can say bye bye, clap his hands, dance every time he listens to music, etc. After the episodes he participated in were broadcast, every time he goes out on the street, many people recognize him.

“The movie Penthouse is a hot movie, my child appeared in the movie so everyone in the family was happy. Grandmother and grandmother went to show off the baby to friends and neighbors. Since she appeared in the movie, many people have recognized her,” said Thuy Anh.

9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 9
9X Việt sinh con lai đẹp như tranh, 8 tháng tuổi được xuất hiện trong bộ phim Hàn nổi tiếng - 10
Currently, Thuy Anh’s every day is spent taking care of her child, feeding her, sleeping and playing with her child, but that is the boundless happiness of a mother. Every afternoon, she takes her baby for a walk, down to the apartment play area or to the park. On weekends, when Mr. Seok doesn’t have to work, her whole family will go shopping, go out, go home or go sightseeing together.

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