Suri Cruise is beautiful and charisma like a professional model when walking around

As the daughter of actor Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise is known as the “Hollywood princess”. Despite having a very wealthy background, Suri Cruise has a simple fashion style as an adult.

The street style outfits of “Hollywood princesses” often exude comfort, youthfulness and dynamism. One of the items Suri Cruise wears the most is jeans, especially wide-leg jeans and flared jeans. And what’s impressive is that even when wearing simple, dusty clothes like jeans, Suri always looks charismatic and stylish.

Suri Cruise xinh đẹp, thần thái như người mẫu chuyên nghiệp khi dạo phố - Hình 1

Recently, Hollywood paparazzi caught Suri Cruise appearing on the street with friends. Suri Cruise attracts attention thanks to her tall physique, long straight legs, smooth white skin, long flowing hair and slim, fit body. Suri Cruise’s charisma when appearing on the street is no different from that of a professional model, making people admire her.

Born in 2006, Suri Cruise is the daughter of actor Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes. For that reason, right from birth, all information related to Suri Cruise has been sought after by the public and the media. At just 6 months old, Suri and her parents appeared on the cover of the famous magazine Vanity Fair, becoming “Hollywood’s most sought-after baby”, wearing expensive princess-like outfits and then Suddenly everything turned around, had to start a new life, give up the luxuries that were once in reach when her parents divorced, that is the summary of the first 15 years of Suri Cruise’s life – her only daughter. by actor Tom Cruise and model Katie Holmes.

The princess was born at the finish line – That’s how people described Suri Cruise’s life when she was first born. With a father who is the most famous actor in Hollywood with a huge fortune, and a mother who is an actress and model Katie Holmes, right from the moment she was born, it seemed like there was a smooth path available for her and she just had to step on it. Move forward without having to think too much.

Tom Cruise spared no expense in shopping for his little princess. At the age of still learning to walk and talk, Suri’s wardrobe was worth more than 55 billion VND. Every time she goes down the street, newspapers compete to take pictures of Suri just to find out which brand of clothes she is wearing and how much they cost. People are no stranger to the image of a 3 or 4 year old Suri wearing elegant clogs, expensive dresses with a face covered in lipstick and careful makeup, just like an adult walking on the street.

Suri Cruise xinh đẹp, thần thái như người mẫu chuyên nghiệp khi dạo phố - Hình 2

The moment Katie Holmes held her daughter’s hand and walked out of her broken marriage, Suri’s new life also began. No more expensive, sparkling pink outfits, no more the prospect of changing several outfits a day, clothes that don’t match, people are starting to see the once famous princess appear in colorful life jackets. Khaki, hoodie, and jeans are as common as any girls of the same age.

Recently, the 15-year-old girl often goes down the street with her friends in youthful, dynamic and eye-catching outfits. Even though she only wears basic items like a halter top, shorts, flared jeans or a sweet pink dress, Suri is still very attractive, partly thanks to her tall body and beautiful face. Suri also often wears the same item many times and is no longer “picky” like before.

In life, Katie Holmes considers her daughter Suri a close friend, doing makeup, painting her nails, and dressing up. The actress shared with Elle: “I was very happy to become a mother in my twenties. We were not too far apart in terms of generations and found harmony. My mother and I felt like we grew up together.” .

Katie Holmes focuses on turning a house with just the mother and child into a home. She arranged many pictures bought at flea markets so that her children would have a cozy and comfortable place to go home in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Every weekend, Katie and Suri often go for walks, eat at restaurants, watch basketball or listen to music. On social networks, the actress often shows off pictures of her teaching her daughter how to apply makeup and paint her nails. When going out, mother and daughter often choose the same outfits.

Katie Holmes said she rarely talks about her personal life because she feels tired of being scrutinized. Over the past years, the star has “hid” herself from the entertainment industry so that Suri can have a peaceful life. However, fans still easily know what she wears when she goes out of the house and where she goes out with her daughter. There are always paparazzi on duty to monitor every move of the two people.

“The attention is too much to bear. I am a person who likes quiet and privacy. The funny thing is that part of my life is associated with noise. I have to try to accept and live with that,” Katie said. Instead of caring about what others say, the star spends time “watching an old movie, reading a good book or hanging out with relatives”.

Another way to keep herself at peace is for Katie to avoid mentioning the breakup. She is always silent about her relationship with her ex-husband Tom Cruise or her new lover.

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