I got pregnant twice in one week and had triplets — be careful

Whoa, baby! This expecting mommy never expected to become pregnant with two additional little ones at the same time.

After enjoying a “careless” night of passion in July 2020, an already-pregnant Dee Michelle and fiancé Antonio Livingston were stunned to discover that they would soon be welcoming triplets.

“A superfetation pregnancy is when you get pregnant while you’re already pregnant,” explained Michelle, 26, a hair care specialist from Pittsburg, Penn., in a trending tell-all. “This happened to me.”

And while she calmly recounted her eye-popping tale to an audience of more than 1.7 million TikTok viewers, the mom of multiples told The Post that she cried like a baby upon learning she’d unwittingly conceived three tots.

“I was like, ‘Are you serious?’” said Michelle, who copped to sobbing in Livingston’s arms at the news of their incoming brood. “I had to see it with my own two eyes. And, sure enough, there were three babies [on the ultrasound].”

(Left) Mom Dee Michelle, 26, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her triplet daughters Amber, Dream and Amani. (Right) Michelle and her triplets. (Inset) Michelle and fiancé Antonio Livingston, 29.
Mom Dee Michelle revealed that she and her partner unwittingly became pregnant with two more babies while pregnant with their first child.Antonio Livingston
Neither she nor Livingston, 29, a professional photographer, were aware that a woman could sustain simultaneous gestations.

“I found out I was pregnant and figured I [couldn’t] get pregnant again,” confessed the cosmetologist in her virtual address, noting that she didn’t think it necessary to take preventative measures towards avoiding bonus buns in the oven. “I literally said, ‘It’s fine if we continue to be careless.’”

Dee Michelle, 26, a cosmetologist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and fiancé Antonio Livingston, 29.
Michelle tells The Post she had never heard of a superfetation pregnancy until she learned she was unexpectedly pregnant with triplets.Antonio Livingston
But her and Livingston’s nonchalant naughtiness resulted in a surprise double whammy.

“A week later I went to the [emergency room] because I was in so much pain,” said Michelle online. “I thought I was having a miscarriage.”

“But come to find out,” she continued, “my uterus was growing so fast because there were two more babies.”

“If it happened to me, it could happen to anybody,” Michelle warned.

And the mega-mama is right.

Dee Michelle, 26, and Antonio Livingston, 29, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with their triplet daughters Amber, Dream and Amani, and newborn son.
Michelle and Livingston have since welcomed a fourth child, a son, into their growing family.Antonio Livingston
Although superfetation is extremely rare in humans — with only 10 confirmed cases, per a 2023 report from Cleveland Clinic — it’s not a totally uncommon phenomenon.

In fact, in August 2020, millennial mom Sophia Small gave birth to two daughters, whom she conceived 28 days apart, at the same time owing to a medical miracle. And in December 2020, a mom of three named Charlotte racked up over 5.2 million views on a TikTok post dedicated to her superfetation trio.

And Michelle — who welcomed daughters Amber, Dream and Amani, now age two, via C-section in January 2021 — hopes her cautionary clip inspires others to be mindful of the lesser known oddities of pregnancy.

Her shook cyber spectators will likely take heed.

“I would’ve been celibate for the rest of my life,” joked a jaw-slacked commenter.

“I’m tired of learning new terrifying things on TikTok,” said an equally stunned viewer.

“How are y’all managing 3 newborns?!? I would be [suicidal],” penned another.

But Michelle, who recently added a baby boy to her bustling bunch, tells The Post that mothering triplets is an exciting, albeit wild trip.

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“I love raising my girls,” she gushed, noting that her little ladies recently began telling her and Livingston ‘No!,’ in unison. “Their personalities are blossoming, they’re so well-behaved and they absolutely love one another.”

Michelle does, however, urge others to, “Be careful, and don’t be surprised if it happens to you.”

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