Admiring Suri Cruise’s bravery when becoming the center of discussion

Recently, information surrounding Suri Cruise – the only biological child of actor Tom Cruise – has attracted a lot of attention. Currently, at the age of 17, Suri is preparing to go to college.Ngưỡng mộ bản lĩnh của Suri Cruise khi trở thành tâm điểm bàn tán - 1
At this time, Suri Cruise – the only biological child of both actor Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes – is actively preparing to go to college. Suri has applied to a number of schools that specialize in the field of fashion. Before an important step in the life of a young girl about to turn 17, information about Suri is flooding the showbiz news sites.

Information about the relationship between Suri and her biological father was also mentioned a lot. However, Suri still remained calm about the sudden increase in attention she received. Until now, being followed by paparazzi as well as regularly appearing on showbiz news sites did not seem to have much impact on the young woman’s life.

Every time she appears on the street, Suri Cruise always shows confidence and comfort, whether alone, with her mother, or with friends.

Even though she doesn’t live in Hollywood and isn’t familiar with celebrity events, one thing that Suri is showing very clearly is the young girl’s confidence and bravery. Throughout her upbringing, Suri has always been a figure of interest to the media and the public. Suri coped very well with growing up with so much care.
Ngưỡng mộ bản lĩnh của Suri Cruise khi trở thành tâm điểm bàn tán - 2

Ngưỡng mộ bản lĩnh của Suri Cruise khi trở thành tâm điểm bàn tán - 3

In the end, Suri had a pretty good journey into adulthood. She studied well and had a normal life like her peers in New York (except that she often followed by paparazzi).

In the era of explosive social networks, Suri Cruise does not make her social network accounts public. The young woman proactively kept herself a private life, focusing on pursuing her studies and personal interests. Suri plays sociably with friends her age and has good relationships.

The fact that information about Suri is spread across showbiz news sites is something the young woman herself knows well, because if she doesn’t pay attention, Suri’s friends will tell her. Yet every time she appears on the street, Suri always shows her serenity and calmness. She does not consider the appearance and stalking of paparazzi as anything terrible, she just focuses on her work and does not let herself be distracted.

The young woman did not let her emotions or the quality of her personal life be affected by the great attention that the media and the public gave her throughout her growing up process. Up to now, Suri has had a good journey of maturity, making many people who care about her feel impressed and admire her bravery.
Ngưỡng mộ bản lĩnh của Suri Cruise khi trở thành tâm điểm bàn tán - 4
Natural beauty, confident and calm demeanor, and always in control of every situation make Suri very popular with the public. The young woman has never shown signs of discomfort, irritation, or frustration before the presence of paparazzi. Although life has unusual elements because she is the child of two famous stars, Suri has tried her best to have the most normal and best journey to adulthood.

Suri’s life with her biological mother – actress Katie Holmes – in New York somewhat helps them reduce the excessive clinging and concern, compared to mother and daughter continuing to live in the film capital. Hollywood.

In New York, actress Katie Holmes pursued an acting career on the theater stage, where the Broadway theater district is located. In addition, Katie Holmes is also pursuing a career as a film director. She is actively preparing to release her debut movie Rare Objects this April. In the film, Suri Cruise contributed her voice, she performed some soundtrack songs.

The film’s content revolves around a young woman trying to regain balance in her life after a shock crisis. Katie Holmes also stars in this film, playing the role of a sociable woman facing trouble in life. The two women met and became close after receiving psychological treatment at the same clinic.
Ngưỡng mộ bản lĩnh của Suri Cruise khi trở thành tâm điểm bàn tán - 5
Besides being interested in fashion, Katie Holmes revealed that Suri also loves singing. Suri performed several songs in two films directed by her mother, including Rare Objects and Alone Together. Katie Holmes said: “I asked my daughter to perform some songs in the two movies I directed because for me, she has talent in many fields, including singing.”

Ever since Suri was young, Katie Holmes was impressed by her daughter’s fashion sense. Suri always made frank comments about the clothes her mother wore and often gave suggestions that made Katie Holmes feel very happy. admire.

Katie commented that her only daughter has a very strong personality: “Once Suri has chosen an activity to pursue, she will try her best until she is really good at that activity.” . Right after that, she found another activity to strive for. Suri is always very focused, hardworking and trying.”

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