Soup Book owner reveals surprising habits and affirms that Michael Jackson is a ‘Genius Mind’

Michael Jackson ‘s intellectual curiosity has always been his least appreciated quality. He had over 10,000 books in Neverland , and had read most of them. The owners of Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard and Dutton’s in Brentwood had been selling him boxes of books for years.

Michael was a discreet customer who spent a lot of time in the poetry section, but he had a special affection for the wide-ranging philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the 19th-century Transcendentalists.

He was extremely well-versed in the works of the great psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung , whose work Michael was able to discuss with a sophistication that surprised his acquaintances over the years.

Many in the media were amused by descriptions of the infamous Last Supper hanging at Jackson’s bedside in Neverland, a portrait of him sitting in the center of a long table, flanked by Walt Disney on one side and Albert Einstein on the other, with Thomas Edison , Charlie Chaplin , Elvis Presley , John F. Kennedy , Abraham Lincoln and Little Richard filling the remaining seats.

Very few people knew that Michael had studied the biographies of each of these “inspirational heroes” and was able to tell their life stories in rich detail. He had a long-standing fascination with celebrities who died young, and since the mid-1980s Michael expressed immense surprise that it was “always the same story”—referring to sex and drugs—that brought the lives of those famous to premature ends. and tragic.

Michael’s multiple efforts to learn and grow even in the midst of the most chaotic circumstances have moved and confused many people who have entered his life. Michael bombarded with questions anyone who claimed to have in-depth knowledge about some area of ​​knowledge.

He studied medicine diligently, and with the help of Arnold Klein and other doctors, Jackson was able to attend several surgeries at the University of California Medical Center. Jackson and Marlon Brando , another omnivore, spent much of their time together discussing the scientific concepts and technologies they were both studying.

Deepak Chopra, who met Michael for the first time backstage on the Dangerous tour in Bucharest, recalls: “He was surrounded by crowds in airports, he did a grueling three-hour set, and when I went to meet him backstage, he was drinking a bottle of water and reading some Sufi poetry.”

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