Danny Cipriani’s wild love life – Cheeky Girl ex, Kelly Brook feud, Lindsay Lohan love triangle

England rugby star Danny Cipriani has split from wife Victoria Rose amid cheating claims. But it is not the first time he has been accused, as the lothario has left a long trail of broken hearts in his wake

Heartbreaker Danny Cipriani has announced he has split from his wife Victoria Rose after three years. The 35-year-old rugby ace married the mental health campaigner in 2021 but the pair have now called time on their romance after she allegedly “saw messages on his phone” that led to blistering rows.

Famous for dating high-profile women including Kirsty Gallacher and model Jasmine Waltz, Danny has often been accused of cheating on several of them and has left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. The rugby star has been making headlines recently after he announced the release of his memoir Who Am I? in September.

Dishing the dirt on his past relationships, the book touches on his dalliances with Kelly Brook, Kirsty Gallacher and Jasmine Waltz. Here, we take a look at Danny Cipriani’s wild love life and which high-profile stars he dated before he seemingly settled down.

Monica Irimia

Cheeky girl Monica Irimia

Cheeky girl Monica Irimia dated Danny but was heartbroken when he moved on. ( Image:The Daily Mirror)

Gabriela (left) and Monica Irimia of the Cheeky Girls

Gabriela (left) and Monica Irimia of the Cheeky Girls during a photocall for their film ‘Killing The Cheeky Girls’. ( Image:PA)

Cheeky Girl Monica began dating Danny in 2007 but he allegedly cheated with glamour model Larissa Summers, bringing their relationship came to an end. Afterwards, Monica went on to warn his next girlfriend Kelly Brook to steer well clear of Danny. “He doesn’t want a steady relationship,” she told The Daily Star. “He just wants – dot dot dot – let’s put it that way!”

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani

Danny Cipriani and Kelly Brook at the Emporio Armani men’s Fall/Winter 2009/2010 collection in January 2009 ( Image:PA)

Danny dated Kelly from 2008 to 2010, but he claimed she cheated on her next boyfriend, Thom Evans, with him. According to former England rugby union star Danny, Kelly flew to Mauritius for a secret rendezvous – while she was still in a relationship with his former teammate Thom. A source close to Kelly told the Mirror that she was absolutely livid over his allegations. “She was very kind to him in her book and didn’t say a lot of things she could have said,” they added.

Jasmine Waltz and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and husband Bader Shammas

Lindsay is now married to Bader Shammas

Image:lindsaylohan/Instagram)DON’T MISS

After Danny split from Kelly in 2010, he started to grow close to Jasmine Waltz, but he was also interested in Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan at the same time. Jasmine told The Mirror: “Danny introduced me to Lindsay. He turned to her and said, ‘Meet Jasmine, I am in love with her and we’re going to get married.'”

The comment led to a reported feud between the women but in 2010, Jasmine said: “With hindsight he was trying to make her jealous – and he certainly succeeded.”

Four years later the pair reunited, with Jasmine boasting she’d managed to tame the hunk. However, she spoke too soon because not only had they split by 2015, but Danny had started dodging her all together.

Katie Price

Katie Price began dating Danny in 2011 and spilled the beans when she found out he’d allegedly done the dirty on her. In her 2013 autobiography – titled Love, Lipstick and Lies – she talked about the moment she apparently walked in on the sports star in bed with another woman. The former glamour model also coined the nickname Danny Chipolata. She wrote: “In my experience he was a bit – erm – lean in the most obvious departments.”

Lara Bingle

Fashion model Lara thought Danny had turned over a new leaf when they started dating in 2013 but he reportedly ended up losing interest and dumped her out of the blue. In the weeks beforehand, she told Who Magazine she had already fallen in love with Danny. Lara’s reps confirmed she was shocked to see the romance end without any warning.

Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher and Danny Cipriani

Kirsty Gallacher and Danny Cipriani split up because of the 12 year age gap (

Image:Getty Images)

Danny enjoyed a six month whirlwind romance with telly star Kirsty Gallacher in 2016, who was 12 years older than him. According to reports, Danny ended their fling because he was struggling with the age difference between them. At the time she was 40 and he was 28 and Kirsty was a mum-of-two with ex-husband Paul Sampson.

Caroline Flack

In 2019 he dated TV presenter Caroline Flack for around eight weeks before things fizzled out. “Caroline and Danny had a lot of fun together and she’s very fond of him – but long-term it wasn’t going to work,” a source told The Sun at the time of their break-up. They stayed friends and Danny last heard from her the day before she died.

Victoria Rose

Danny Cipriani and his wife Victoria Rose

Danny Cipriani and his wife Victoria Rose (

Image:Danny Cipriani Instagram)

Danny’s wife was born Victoria Rose O’Callaghan and is from Derby. The couple married in 2021, and his mental health campaigner spouse is already a grandma at age 42, making Danny a step-granddad. Sadly, the couple lost their baby, River, which Danny said had brought them even closer together.

However on November 13, it was announced the couple had parted ways after the Mail Online revealed that over the past few months, their marriage had become “increasingly unhappy”. A source added: “Things got tense and then she saw some text messages on his phone and it led to some difficult rows between them and they have now split up.”

Danny then wrote on social media: “Victoria and I sat together this weekend and agreed to separate after 4 years of marriage. Whilst we’ve had some wonderful times together, we’ve also recognised we’re on different journeys and whilst this is sad news, it’s also a new chapter for us both to purse our own happiness. I only wish the best for Victoria and her children.”

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