“Bad girl” Lindsay Lohan: Rebellious youth and a forgettable past

Gradually returning to artistic activities, Hollywood’s “bad girl” – Lindsay Lohan is said to be struggling to regain her old glory.

“Bad girl” Lindsay Lohan: Rebellious youth and a forgettable past
According to the plan, Lindsay Lohan will take on the female lead role in a Christmas romantic comedy-romance movie made by production company Netflix. This work marks the return of actress Lindsay Lohan after a long period of hiatus due to personal reasons.

Many people expressed their excitement to meet the “teen queen” again, but there are also many opinions that it will be difficult for Lindsay Lohan to regain her former glory due to scandals in her private life, as well as fierce competition with young, talented faces on the Hollywood screen today.
Lindsay Lohan returns to movies and tries to regain her old glory. Photo: Xinhua
Lindsay Lohan returns to movies and tries to regain her old glory. Photo: Xinhua
Lindsay Lohan, born in 1986, is a famous American actress. She has been considered the “money-making” face of the American entertainment industry since she was a 5-year-old girl; She started her career as a model before becoming a professional actor.

Lindsay Lohan made a name for herself with a series of hit films such as “The Parent Trap”, “Life-size”, “Get a Clue” and especially “Meen Grils”, which brought the actress to the top of stardom. A and became a millionaire when he was only 18 years old.

Success coming to Lindsay Lohan too early is probably one of the reasons why she had a sudden decline soon after. The applause of the audience and the glamor of the Hollywood entertainment industry caused a docile and carefree girl like Lindsay Lohan to undergo drastic changes.

She indulged in partying, became friends with wealthy lady Paris Hilton and reality TV star Nicole Richie. The trio are known as the “bad girls” of the Hollywood entertainment industry because of their decadent lifestyle, partying day and night… Occasionally, the trio’s outings also include the participation of singer Britney Spears.

Lindsay Lohan's golden age is associated with noise about her personal life. Photo: Xinhua
Lindsay Lohan’s golden age is associated with noise about her personal life. Photo: Xinhua
Absorbed in personal joys, Lindsay Lohan almost lacks focus on career development. Peaking in 2007, the movie “I Know Who Killed Me” starring Lindsay Lohan received a lot of criticism. The audience expressed disappointment at Lindsay Lohan’s superficial acting and emotionless face, causing the film to fail miserably.

Later films with the actress’s participation did not increase sales, on the contrary, Lindsay Lohan also caused some people in the film crew to speak up about their unprofessional working attitude, star disease and having bad behavior. misbehaving towards co-stars.

Linday Lohan then had to face the rejection of movie producers, colleagues and even “real” fans. Depressed and almost giving up everything, Lindsay Lohan continued to “burn” time and money on all-night drinking parties.

From 2006 and 2007, the audience only saw the image of Lindsay Lohan with messy hair, wobbly steps after alcohol parties, white face when high on drugs, abuse of plastic surgery, and love affairs. expeditious…

Marking the age of 21, the actress was handcuffed to the police station with a license for drunk driving. Afterwards, Lindsay Lohan admitted to having an alcohol addiction and was forced to be supervised at home. Another scandal caused the actress to go to jail when she “accidentally” stole a necklace worth 2,500 USD at a luxury jewelry store.

At the time Lindsay Lohan had a psychological crisis, facing a prison sentence, she did not receive support from her own family. Ms. Dina Lohan, Lilo’s biological mother and manager, even intended to expose a series of embarrassing photos of her daughter in order to earn large profits. Many people are saddened by Lindsay Lohan’s paradoxes and express hope that she will be strong enough to overcome her “trouble”.

Frustrated with the noisy life of Hollywood, the “girl with many tricks” decided to stop her artistic activities and move to Dubai.

Here she found the life she always dreamed of, without being scrutinized about her private life, without being followed every day by paparazzi. The beauty turned to business and had certain successes. Lindsay Lohan also takes on the role of manager for her younger sister – singer Ali Lohan.

Once she was mature and mentally stable, Lindsay Lohan did not hide her intention to return to acting. The beauty clearly shows her determination to start over, even if it’s just starting with a small role…

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