Tiger Woods used 11 years of struggling without a title to gain these 5 valuable lessons

Anyone can get up from failure if they know the secrets below

Tiger Woods has had 11 years of ups and downs in both his career and personal life. However, on April 14, he proved to the world a valuable lesson: No matter how big, every failure hides a spectacular comeback.

Before that, no one thought they would see Tiger Woods return to the peak of glory, wearing the familiar green shirt of the champion. It’s been 11 years since he won a major, and it’s been 14 years since he last won the Masters.

However, Tiger Woods still did the unthinkable. Because, he dares to confront every failure in life.

Tiger Woods’ glorious career began to decline in 2009, when a personal scandal engulfed his marriage, leading to a high-profile divorce that was a waste of media attention. Four years later, Woods missed the Masters for the first time after back surgery.

That back injury lasted for many years, making Tiger Woods unable to compete in the tournaments he participated in. After 4 subsequent surgeries, he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2017. Looking at Tiger Woods in alcohol rehab, no one believed that he would regain his glory.

Tiger Woods’ victory at the Masters is a testament to the power of thinking, that you can overcome anything with a resilient spirit. Learn the secrets to training your will from this legendary golfer and create your own spectacular comeback.

Chuyên gia dự đoán Tiger Woods sẽ giã từ sự nghiệp tại The Open năm nay

Tell yourself positive things

Tiger Woods should have succumbed to his fate after what he went through. However, no one wants to achieve success by telling themselves negative things.

When things go wrong and life starts to turn upside down, pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Whenever you have any negative words or thoughts, remember the happy moments in the past, when you felt most confident and strong. Replace negativity with positivity and continually encourage yourself to turn your failures into triumphs.

Break the cycle of bad habits

Tiger Woods’ drug addiction has created a cycle of bad habits in his life. After many nights of pain and stress, this golfer turned to painkillers to escape his body’s torture. But it only works for a while and does not completely solve the problem, making the situation even worse.

Therefore, Tiger Woods chose to break this negative cycle by seeking help. He still feels pain, he still wants to forget it, but not with the help of addictive compounds.

When you go through a difficult time in life, try to choose a wise way to respond to it. Instead of damning yourself, make yourself stronger.

Tiger Woods đã dùng 11 năm chật vật không danh hiệu để đổi lấy 5 bài học quý giá này: Hãy đeo những thất bại của mình như tấm huân chương vinh quang! - Ảnh 2.

Eliminate negative thoughts

Not only was he injured, Tiger Woods was also haunted by many negative thoughts about his career. Consecutive back surgeries have had a negative impact on his swing technique, causing the golfer to have “psychological stiffness” when competing.

Therefore, Tiger Woods must learn to forget all the obstacles and negative influences on his swing. He returned to the starting point, eliminating toxic thoughts that prevented him from doing the things that were already in his blood. It will take a lot of time and effort, but only when Tiger Woods can get this negative seed out of his head can he regain the perfect swing that brought him to the top.

And in the end, Tiger Woods succeeded. Therefore, what you need to do is eliminate negative thoughts that negatively affect your psychology before pushing yourself to new heights.

View yourself optimistically

No one has as many reasons to give up on life as Tiger Woods: public criticism, injured back, miserable spirit, career decline, fading skills, and the threat of old age.

However, Tiger Woods still surpasses them all. Because the way he sees himself is far different from the world’s imposition. It is true that he has made mistakes, but he is still determined to regain the image of a champion. Surely, Tiger Woods envisioned himself wearing the noble green shirt a thousand times before actually succeeding.

You cannot succeed if you cannot visualize your own glorious vision in your mind. Your mind is the greatest ally you have, use it wisely!

Tiger Woods đã dùng 11 năm chật vật không danh hiệu để đổi lấy 5 bài học quý giá này: Hãy đeo những thất bại của mình như tấm huân chương vinh quang! - Ảnh 3.

Talent is just a “disguise” of effort

Many people think Tiger Woods’ success is due to his natural talent. However, that was not enough for this legendary golfer to overcome countless injuries, failures and win the championship, despite everyone’s doubts.

It’s not just talent. That’s because Tiger Woods worked twice as hard as everyone else. He returned to practice and was determined to quit his addiction, even when no one believed him. Tiger Woods tries to stay in shape, refine his swing and challenge all his limits. Therefore, never think that only talented people can be successful. Tiger Woods’ story is proof that effort is more important than your innate talent.

You can absolutely write your own “Tiger Woods story”. Decide today!

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