The record-setting achievements of golfer Tiger Woods, a billionaire with assets estimated at billions of dollars.

Tiger Woods is not only the most successful golfer of all time by continuously holding the No. 1 position on the world rankings, but he is also a billionaire with an estimated fortune of billions of dollars.

If you have ever learned about golf, you will certainly be familiar with the name Tiger Woods, a golf legend with great achievements. Achieving success at a very young age, he is honored as a person who promoted the wave of love for golf, bringing this sport closer to audiences of all cultural levels.

1. Who is Tiger Woods? Biography of world famous golfer

Perhaps golf enthusiasts in particular and even sports lovers in general will mention Tiger Woods as a symbol of success at a very young age. At 6 months old, Tiger Woods, real name Eldrick Tont Woods, was introduced to golf by his father. By the time he was 6 years old, he made a strong impression by shooting a 48 over 9 holes of golf. Tiger Woods’ name gradually became familiar when he continuously set unprecedented records and officially became the world’s No. 1 golfer at the age of 25.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a legendary name in golf in particular and world sports in general (Photo: Collected)

In addition to his huge achievements at the age of 47, Tiger Woods is also known as the world’s top earning athlete with income of more than 1.7 billion USD (more than 39 trillion VND) including salary, advertising advertising and other business activities throughout his 27-year golf career.

Looking at the achievements and assets of the world’s legendary golfer, golfers can easily see the benefits of playing golf. Of course, that comes with both talent and endless effort.

Tiger Woods

The “super tiger” of golf has owned a huge fortune during decades of association with this sport (Photo: Collected)

2. Record-breaking achievements of golfer Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods made his mark in golf history with many achievements at an early age.

1991: At age 15, he won the US Junior Amateur Golf Championship and was the youngest champion in the tournament’s history.

1992 and 1993: He won the Junior Amateur.

1990 – 2000: Started becoming a dominant golfer on the professional track.

1997: Tiger Woods became the first African-American athlete to win the Masters, the sport’s most prestigious award.

1999: He became the first golfer to win eight PGA tournaments in one year in more than two decades.

2000: Tiger Woods set a record at the US Open by finishing the tournament at 12 strokes under par.

In the same year 2000, he was the youngest golfer to complete the Grand Slam.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is considered a golf prodigy by winning a series of prestigious awards at a very young age (Photo: Collected)

3. Tiger Woods’ strong comeback after the events

Although he is the number 1 golfer in the world, Tiger Woods also has many scandals related to his personal life and has suffered many injuries.

When he first started his career, he had surgery to remove two benign tumors. Next were many surgeries related to torn tendons and bone fractures, and had to withdraw from many major tournaments. Tiger Woods was also accused of having multiple affairs while living with his wife and driving while impaired due to drug abuse.

But after all, he overcame the incidents and regained his peak form when setting new records at the recent The Masters and PGA Championship 2022. However, a recurrence of the injury later forced the champion to withdraw from the 2022 PGA Championship and the US Open, but he will certainly still compete at the event taking place in Europe next month.

Tiger Woods

Despite many consecutive incidents in his career and personal life, the “super tiger” has begun to return to peak performance (Photo: Collected)

4. Refer to the training schedule of golfer Tiger Woods

To achieve his current success, Tiger Woods also created a scientific diet and exercise plan for himself. You can also refer to the training method that the golfer shared before below:

Early morning: Jog 4 miles

Do weight training exercises at the gym

Practice hitting the ball for 2-3 hours

Play a short round of golf

The rest of the day continue jogging, playing basketball or tennis

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods regularly practices 10 to 12 hours a day (Photo: Collected)

To improve golf skills and improve performance, in addition to proper nutrition and rest, golfers should spend time playing golf at modern, professional outdoor courses.

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