Little known about golfer Tiger Woods’ $20 million super yacht

Tiger Woods is very tight-lipped about his $20 million super yacht. The interior design as well as the expensive equipment of this yacht are still a mystery.

At the beginning of this year, Forbes magazine honored Tiger Woods as a USD billionaire, he is one of three known billionaire athletes, alongside LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Woods is also the highest paid golfer in the world.

Điều ít biết về siêu du thuyền 20 triệu USD của tay golf Tiger Woods

Despite his ups and downs, at the age of 47, he is considered by many to be a living legend and one of the most famous golfers in history.

In a world where the rich and famous tend to move from one luxury toy to another without hesitation, Woods is a special case as he owns a boat for nearly 20 years.

Some celebrities are always on the hunt for new toys, while others share their expensive yachts with those who can afford to pay exorbitant rental prices, Tiger Woods does not do the same. His luxury yacht is still as mysterious as it was several decades ago.

The Privacy Cruise started its journey with a privacy scandal. In 2004, instead of enjoying his brand new luxury yacht, Woods filed a lawsuit against the yacht builder for allegedly using his name and image in promotional materials without his consent. from both sides.

In 2006, the lawsuit closed with compensation for Tiger Woods rumored to be up to $1.6 million. The shipbuilder being sued is Christensen, a famous American yacht brand. Most likely because of this lawsuit, Christensen never revealed any further details about the yacht’s design.

It’s not one of the biggest or most expensive celebrity-owned superyachts, but at the time of its launch, the 47-meter-long, three-deck yacht cost up to $20 million and caused quite a stir. attention. To date, its interior remains a mystery.

Designed by Carol Williamson & Associates, Privacy has a total of five staterooms for up to 10 guests and four cabins for a crew of nine. Most of the activity is concentrated on the main deck, while the top deck serves as an observation room. Guests will enjoy luxurious amenities such as a cinema, a spacious bar on the deck, a hot tub large enough for 8 people and a gym with modern equipment.

Operating costs for Privacy are up to 2 million USD per year. This is a yacht that can hold more than 45,425 liters of fuel for a range of over 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 km). Equipped with dual MTU engines, Privacy has a speed of 16 knots (29.6 km/h).

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