Known as a “football killer”, Kevin Durant is also just a “dreamy fool” in love

An interesting story about Kevin Durant’s affair with a female WNBA star in 2014 has clarified the reason why the Brooklyn Nets superstar is still single at the present time.

In the NBA arena, Kevin Durant is considered one of the top scoring assassins in history. The 33-year-old striker possesses the ability to score points at all distances thanks to his flexible and resilient skill set as well as his superior height compared to players in the same position, making him almost unstoppable when facing each other. 1-1.

Kevin Durant on Warriors' Potentially Retiring His Jersey: 'Look at the Résumé' - Sports Illustrated

Kevin Durant is considered one of the best scoring players of all time

However, despite being one of the best scorers in the NBA, Kevin Durant has still not been able to successfully “shoot down” any love in his entire life, despite many of his colleagues having wives and children. even when turning 33 years old.

However, that doesn’t mean Kevin Durant is not a player without a passionate love life. As revealed by Zach Baron in GQ magazine in 2015, the Brooklyn Nets superstar once had an emotional relationship with former WNBA star Monica Wright. The two parties even had an engagement before going their separate ways not long after.

Kevin Durant himself admitted this information in Zach Baron’s article. However, they cannot be together because… the 33-year-old superstar does not know how to love his partner properly.

Mang danh "sát thủ sân bóng", Kevin Durant cũng chỉ từng là "gã khờ mộng mơ" trên tình trường - Ảnh 2.

Kevin Durant was engaged to former WNBA star Monica Wright in 2014

“I once had a fiancee. However, I really didn’t know how to love her in the right way. You know what I mean. After that, we had to choose to continue on our own paths.” People”.

“We often hang out together, find happiness together. At that time, I felt like I was full of energy. I suddenly thought about getting engaged, and I thought it was really great. I love her. That girl, I’m just sorry I don’t know how to love her properly,” Kevin Durant confided in GQ magazine in 2015.

In a later interview, Monica Wright herself also implicitly opened up about this issue: “I had to make a decision to put myself in the position of a true woman. I had to made the decision to leave a relationship with him (Kevin Durant), which many people felt was crazy.”

Some happy pictures between Kevin Durant and Monica Wright

“We were engaged and that changed the relationship a lot. I had to choose a path that unfortunately involved someone who didn’t seem ready to sacrifice their own lifestyle.” “, Monica Wright shared.

Although the details of the relationship between the two sides are unclear, it is a fact that Kevin Durant and Monica Wright could not be together. If everything is as shared by both sides, it can be said that this Brooklyn Nets superstar is no different from a… “dreamy fool” in love, leading to a love affair that cannot fully come to an end. intact.

Mang danh "sát thủ sân bóng", Kevin Durant cũng chỉ từng là "gã khờ mộng mơ" trên tình trường - Ảnh 4.

After the championship ring with the Golden State Warriors, hopefully Kevin Durant will soon touch the happy ring of life

Since that time, Kevin Durant has also had a number of relationships with romantic partners such as Jasmine Shane, Cassandra Anderson or Apryl Jones. However, there still hasn’t been any goal that has brought the Brooklyn Nets superstar as close to the finish line of the family home as Monica Wright did. Hopefully after all these years, the “dreamy fool” will one day be mature and mature enough to be able to find his own other half for the rest of his life.

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