Jennifer Lawrence shows off her breasts on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘Mother!’

Mother! is the only movie project that Jennifer Lawrence participated in this year. This is also a work directed by her boyfriend, director Darren Aronofsky.

After the Venice Film Festival (Italy), actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky went to France to premiere the horror film Mother! on September 7 (local time). The 27-year-old actress is the female lead in her boyfriend’s new movie and is enthusiastically welcomed by the press.

In the capital of light, Paris, Jennifer Lawrence chose a strapless Christian Dior dress that showed off her full bust. Wearing makeup in dark tones, the 9X beauty attracted every camera lens and was the focus of the premiere.

Mother! revolves around the relationship of a couple who are warming up when uninvited guests appear at their house, disrupting the peaceful existence they are having. In addition to
Jennifer Lawrence, the film also stars a cast of talented actors such as Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson, Ed Harris and Kristen Wiig. When it premiered at the Venice film festival, critics were shocked by the gruesome images in the film. Many writers rate this as the most haunting horror work by Darren Aronofsky, the talented director of Black Swan, The Fighter, Noah, Jackie, Aftermath… The work will be released on September 15.

The American actress chose a classic style with a deep color taste

Jennifer Lawrence’s strapless dress shows off her busty bust

Also with Mother! For the first time, Jennifer Lawrence had a movie that caused the most controversy among experts

The talented actress was once Hollywood’s “golden egg” after the success of Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, Winter Bone…

Her new movie will be released worldwide on September 15

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