The Weeknd: Talented singer who dated Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid

The Weeknd has publicly declared his love for singer Selena Gomez, with model Bella Hadid and is rumored to be dating “senior” Angelina Jolie.

The Weeknd, born in 1990, real name is Abel Tesfaye. Male singer 9X has a famous music career when he owns his own record label called XO and pursues Rap and R&B music.

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The Weeknd is a talented R&B singer in the world music industry.

The Weeknd has become a world-famous artist with more than 70 million albums sold. In 2015, the Canadian singer became the first artist to have three songs hold all three top positions of the Billboard Hot R&B chart.

The 9X star has also won 8 Billboard awards and 3 Grammy awards and many other prestigious awards. In 2017, he set a Guinness World Record for owning the most played album on the online music site Spotify within a year.

According to estimates, The Weeknd holds assets worth $200 million and lives in a lavish mansion worth $21 million in Los Angeles, USA.

Talking about his stage name, The Weeknd once explained that he was inspired by running away from home on the weekend when he was a high school student.

Regarding his personal life, The Weeknd’s list of girlfriends also makes many people stunned. He dated famous model Bella Hadid in 2015. The two first met during a collaboration to take photos for the album Beauty Behind the Madness .

During that year, they publicly dated and became one of the most notable young couples in the Hollywood entertainment industry. They were also considered to be a good match and were supported by fans.

Bella Hadid also became the muse in The Weeknd’s MV In The Night but after only a year together, they broke up to the regret of their fans.

In April 2018, they suddenly reunited, but the love story of the 9X lovers did not last long. After less than half a year together, they made the public regretful by announcing “going their separate ways”.

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The Weeknd once had a remarkable on-and-off relationship with the beautiful, famous model Bella Hadid.

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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid’s love affair is supported by fans.

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The couple broke up for the second time in 2019 after only a few months of reuniting.

After breaking up with Bella Hadid, The Weeknd attracted attention when he publicly dated Selena Gomez. The couple does not hide their feelings from the public through romantic photos walking hand in hand or holding hands at events.

The Weeknd is the second guy after Justin Bieber to be publicly recognized by Selena Gomez during their relationship. Their relationship lasted 10 months and also attracted fans’ attention when they continuously brought each other home to meet their families and had “kind words” for each other in interviews.

Although The Weeknd and Selena Gomez’s love story did not last long, the Canadian male singer was supported and praised by Selena’s fans for his kindness and warmth. In particular, The Weeknd was the one who appeared when Selena had to undergo kidney transplant surgery and psychological treatment.

The male singer stayed by his side and took care of his girlfriend during her hospitalization, becoming Selena’s spiritual support. He is highly appreciated and loved by the singer’s relatives. After breaking up, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez still maintained good friendships and had good words to say about each other.

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The Weeknd has a remarkable love story with Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd: Talented singer who dated Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid - 6

The Weeknd was by Selena Gomez’s side when she had kidney transplant surgery.

The Weeknd: Talented singer who dated Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid - 7

The Weeknd is loved by Selena Gomez, her fans and the singer’s relatives because he is a kind and sincere guy.

After two love stories with two famous young Hollywood artists, The Weeknd recently surprised fans by appearing regularly with actress Angelina Jolie.

In June 2021, the 9X male singer was spotted having dinner with the star of Dark Fairy in Los Angeles, USA. In early July 2021, Angelina Jolie and a male singer who is 15 years younger were also spotted attending a concert in Los Angeles, USA, but they avoided interacting much.

However, during their second meeting in mid-September, the 31-year-old singer and her “senior” walked side by side and did not hesitate to meet the paparazzi. The fact that the age-gap couple is constantly seen together makes the audience extremely curious.

The Weeknd: Talented singer who dated Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid - 8
The Weeknd was spotted having dinner with “senior” Angelina Jolie, September 2021.

Fans also quickly discovered that in his famous song Party Monster released in 2016, The Weeknd once expressed his admiration for his senior’s beauty when writing: “Angelina, lips like Angelina.”

A close source shared with  Page Six that The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie do not have a romantic relationship but only meet to discuss work. The Weeknd is focusing on a new film project on HBO, so he might want to get advice from his seniors.

Additionally, sources from E! Online also revealed that they became close because they shared a common love for Ethiopia. This is the hometown of the 9X male singer and the hometown of Angelina Jolie’s adopted daughter Zahara.


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