Patrick Mahomes reveals his optimal number of beers for a golf round

There were plenty of stars from the sports world and beyond involved with the Netflix Cup on Tuesday night. But the star power was taken up a notch when reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes video-conferenced into the broadcast.

Mahomes, of course, is no stranger to golf. An avid player, the Kansas City Chiefs star QB regularly competes in elite amateur events and has taken part in multiple editions of The Match (he also has a full golf hole in the backyard of his new home).

scenes from the netflix cup
He was a no-brainer interview to include in the broadcast as the PGA Tour pros and Formula 1 drivers were competing in the made-for-TV golf exhibition at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

As for who he was rooting for, that was a no-brainer too. Mahomes is an investor in the Alpine Formula 1 team, of which Pierre Gasly is a star driver. So Mahomes was all in for the team of Gasly and Tony Finau (unfortunately they lost on the final-hole playoff).

In addition to his on-field exploits, Mahomes is a Coors Light pitchman, so the interview quickly went in the direction of beer. Specifically, when Mahomes was asked what advice he had for the Netflix Cup competitors, he suggested they knock back a few cold ones.

“Every time I get on this stage I just get a few Coors Lights in me, and it just kind of lets me loosen up, just go out there and swing it hard and see if I can hit some good golf shots along the way,” Mahomes noted.

But the most crucial question on the subject posed to Mahomes was this: What’s the optimal number of beers to drink while playing a round of golf in a televised competition?

Mahomes was quick to give his reply, explaining that the intensity of playing in front of fans allows him to sneak in a few more than usual.

Patrick Mahomes and an aerial view of his new house and backyard par-3
“The adrenaline gives you a little edge, so you can get a couple extras that you wouldn’t usually have on the golf course,” Mahomes shared. “So I would say around four, four-to-five, that’s kind of where you get into that good zone. If you get any more than that that’s when you just start hitting people and fans everywhere.”

But his golf beer drinking habits weren’t the only gems Mahomes shared during his Netflix Cup chat. He was also asked which Chiefs teammate he wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel of a high-powered Formula 1 car, and he didn’t disappoint with his answer.

“I mean, Travis [Kelce],” Mahomes said without missing a beat. “I mean anything that has to do with Travis and fast cars or anything where it’s dangerous, you gotta keep it away from him.”

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