Lily-Rose Depp praises The Weeknd’s acting in “The Idol”

Talking about her co-star in the movie “The Idol”, Lily-Rose affirmed: “I love Abel very much. He can melt into this role.”

With “The Idol”, it can be said that Lily-Rose Depp had her biggest role to date. In the film, Johnny Depp’s daughter plays pop star Jocelyn. In a new interview after the first episode (on Sunday, local time), the young star said she was interested in “The Idol” because it delves into the crazy and chaotic world of the music industry .

“I was really intrigued by this project as soon as I heard about it. The world that the film deals with with all the madness and chaos going on is a world that we can’t always see” – Lily-Rose Depp said. 

Speaking about her character, Lily-Rose said: “Jocelyn is a pop star constantly surrounded by people she’s not sure she can trust.”

Lily-Rose Depp also praised her co-star, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. In the film, the famous singer-songwriter plays Tedros, Jocelyn’s lover and a mysterious and terrifying leader of a modern-day cult.

“I love Abel so much” – Llily-Rose said – “He can embody this role in a way that is very difficult for anyone else to do.”

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