‘Golden couple’ Selena Gomez and The Weeknd invited each other to release a MV

Not only did they attract the media to their dating story, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd also invited each other to dominate the music industry when they simultaneously released MVs.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd on the Met Gala 2017 red carpet - Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd on the Met Gala 2017 red carpet – Photo: Getty Images

Released on June 14, former Disney star Selena Gomez’s MV Bad Liar quickly reached more than 15.7 million views in just 2 days.

In the video set in the 70s, Selena Gomez alone plays all the main roles, from a cute high school girl, to a sharp mother, a beautiful gym teacher and even pretends to be a man to play the role of a woman. dad.

The video content contains many surprising elements as it revolves around the relationship between the student’s family and a teacher at school, in which the father flirts with the teacher but at the end of the video, the teacher turns out to be the younger sister. secretly love and miss you.

Still with the same “singing like talking” music that’s bold in the style of Selena Gomes, Bad Liar is likely to become a chart-breaking hit like many of Selena’s previous songs.

Recently, the female singer also tried her hand at a new field, participating in the executive production of the Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why .

Meanwhile, The Weeknd, real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, became world famous in 2015 after releasing his second album called Beauty Behind the Madness , which included the hit Can’t Fell My Face reaching nearly 800 million copies. million views on YouTube.

In 2016, the 27-year-old male singer also won two prestigious Grammy awards, Best Urban Contemporary Album for the album Beauty Behind the Madness and Best R&B Performance for the song Earned It (used as the soundtrack for the film Fifthy Shades of Gray ).

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez - Photo: Splash

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez – Photo: Splash

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez - Photo: Splash

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez – Photo: Splash

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