Bad Bunny turned to Club Rap and asked a few questions about “Where She Goes”

The Puerto Rican rapper’s new single, which arrives with an English title and a star-studded music video, indicates that he might be more interested in chasing trends these days than setting them.

Bad Bunny has the industry eating out of his hands: His Un Verano Sin Ti was the biggest album of 2022 by multiple measures, cementing urbano as one of the most formidable genres in the world. It proved that Latin pop artists could dominate Western markets without selling out via English-language collaborations. The socially conscious Puerto Rican rapper can do whatever he wants, so what does it mean that his new single arrives with an English title and a star-studded music video featuring Frank Ocean and Lil Uzi Vert?

It’s one of a few head-scratching moves he’s made recently, including dating a Kardashian-Jenner and issuing disappointing comments in Time regarding race and colorism in reggaeton. Rest assured, “Where She Goes” mostly stays away from English, with the rapper only chiming in to yelp “I wanna feel that pussy again!” near the end. The real surprise is the song’s expertly fun mix of jersey club, drill, and dembow; though, while club rap remains uncharted territory for Latin American stars, its renaissance has been going on for well over a year now, giving “Where She Goes” a real tio-showing-up-to-the-party-late vibe. Its yearning mood and loose, echoing production is a nice mood for summer, but it’s strange to see El Conejo chasing trends instead of setting them.

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