Showing her talent for the first time, Angelina’s Vietnamese adopted son received countless compliments, making her mother extremely proud

Pax Thien and his sister Shiloh just have a new work of art that makes mother Angelina proud.

Recently, Angelina and her children went on a trip to New York to rest. Accordingly, this famous family came to the store where the female star Dark Fairy launched a new fashion brand here.

Lần đầu thể hiện tài năng, con trai nuôi gốc Việt của Angelina nhận được vô số lời khen - 1

Angelina recently took her children to New York to participate in the launch of a new store and fashion brand.

Recently, Pax Thien and Shiloh directly participated in the store’s exterior decoration process. In a short clip, the female star’s Vietnamese-born adopted son shows off his decorating skills to help his mother. The guy quickly worked with his sister to complete the exterior for his mother’s brainchild. The clip received special attention from the public.

Lần đầu thể hiện tài năng, con trai nuôi gốc Việt của Angelina nhận được vô số lời khen - 3

Pax Thien and Shiloh showed off their talent in decorating their mother’s store, making fans excited.

It is known that this is the first time Angelina’s Vietnamese adopted son has shown his talent. Before that, he was known as an artist in the art game field with a new stage name. Although Pax Thien and Angelina Jolie have not officially confirmed this news, it can be seen that this 20-year-old guy is very familiar with painting and decorating with spray paint.

Lần đầu thể hiện tài năng, con trai nuôi gốc Việt của Angelina nhận được vô số lời khen - 4

Pax Thien is very professional and familiar with painting and decorating with spray paint.

Previously, there was information that Pax Thien planned his own career to become an art game artist and had a significant income from this job. He also did not follow in his adoptive parents’ footsteps because he did not want to be seen as “relying on” his family. That’s why Pax Thien received a lot of praise.

It is known that Angelina has been cherishing the establishment of her own fashion brand for many years. Accordingly, the female star wants to honor the importance of those who are rarely recognized for creating fashion products, fabrics, and hand-embroidered items.

Lần đầu thể hiện tài năng, con trai nuôi gốc Việt của Angelina nhận được vô số lời khen - 5

Angelina is very proud of her son and also enjoys when he helps his mother in this project.

Angelina’s brand focuses primarily on craftsmanship and quality. She wants to make efforts to reduce waste and production costs. Most of the brand’s designs only use used clothes, used materials in good condition and surplus fabrics.

Lần đầu thể hiện tài năng, con trai nuôi gốc Việt của Angelina nhận được vô số lời khen - 6

The audience is looking forward to Angelina’s fashion project this time.

It is known that the sustainable fashion project of the female star Dark Fairy is expected to officially launch this fall. The audience is looking forward to her products. Because of that, the help of her children makes Angelina more confident.


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