Angelina Jolie’s S*x Scenes Ranked: From Hot & Dirty S*x With Ex-Hubby Brad Pitt To Girl-On-Girl E.r.o.t.i.c Scenes, Angie Can Turn On Anyone!

Angelina Jolie has featured in several hot, s*xy scenes & these are our pic of her 5 best s*x scenes- ranked.

Angelina Jolie’s S*x Scenes Ranked: From Doing On Tables, In A Tub Or While Fighting, Angie Can Get Down & Dirty With Anyone, Anywhere

Angelina Jolie’s S*x Scenes Ranked: From Getting Down & Dirty With Ex-Hubby Brad Pitt More Than Once To Steaming The Screen With A Girl, Angie Can Turn On Anyone Regardless Of Their Gender! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )Angelina Jolie needs no introduction, thanks to the name she’s made for herself in Hollywood over the last three decades. The beauty – who began her acting career in 1982, is an established actress (with award-winning works to her credit), a filmmaker, a humanitarian and a mother to six kids.While she’s proved her capabilities as an action star and someone who can make the audiences cry, she’s also set the screens on fire in several s*x scenes.

The actress – who turned 48 just a couple of days ago, has slipped out of her clothes more than once – and no one is complaining. The actress not only did the dirty with actors – including her ex-husband Brad Pitt more than once, she also got down to having s*x with a female co-star. Get yourself some ice water and set the AC temperature a little lower – and plug in your headphones before you scroll down.From doing the dirty with male and female actors to doing it against a wall, on a table and in a tub, scroll below to know our pick of the 5 best s*x scenes of Angie – No 1 is at the very end.WARNING: Below are mentioned are the best s*x scenes of Angelina Jolie. The article contains graphic videos of the scenes in question and is unsuitable for minors.

Taking Live

D J Caruso’s 2004 psychological thriller Taking Lives saw Angelina Jolie play FBI Agent Illeana Scott and Ethan Hawke as Martin Asher/James Costa. The film – which won the actress a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Actress, did include a s*x scene that’s way too steamy to miss out on her 5 best s*x scenes list.

The scene I’ve taken for the No 5 spot sees her and Ethan’s characters gradually losing control and f*cking one another. It starts slow with him parting her top to reveal her n*de upper body, following which they do it by the wall, then on the table – after Hawke’s character clears it with the slide of a hand, and finally on the bed. It feels quite passionate and even looks realistic.

By The Sea

Angelina Jolie’s 2015 romantic drama feature her and then-husband Brad Pitt. Shot in August 2014 during their honeymoon in Gozo, Malta, the film failed to do wonders at the box office but still made some noise thanks to the then-newlyweds getting dirty while seemingly getting clean.

The scene in question has Jolie lying in a bathtub when Pitt’s character comes over and begins talking. Moments later, he enters the tub and touches her erotically, making her moan in pleasure. They kiss and heavily make out before they – quite evidently- begin having s*x in the tub (though it’s not given much importance).


Michael Cristofer’s Gia – the 1998 biographical drama television film on the like of supermodel Gia Carangi, saw Angelina Jolie play the titular character. The film – which won her a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award, tells the strange, wild, and disastrous life of Gia – and staying true to actual events, there are quite a couple of dashing s*x scenes and girl-on-girl action in it.

The best of the s*x scenes in this movie is the now-infamous one between Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell’s Linda. The scene sees Angie’s character posing for a n*de photoshoot behind a caged set, looking s*xy and turning up the heat by sometimes even pressing herself close to the bars. Elizabeth’s character, turned on by the scene, removes her clothes, too, and the two get down and dirty. The close-ups and soft camera pans aid in making the scene even s*xier and steamy.

Original Sin

Michael Cristofer’s 2001 erotic thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie as Luis Antonioes the duo changing positions several times but still clutching onto each other throughout. It’s indescribably hot, and the grand medieval music only makes it better. Too hot!

Mr & Mrs Smith

Making it to the No 1 spot is this s*x scene between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith. The film – that made them fall in love in real life saw them play John and Jane Smith and was filled with some high-octave action and s*xier-than-s*xy s*x scenes.

The scene I picked as the best sees both the assassins trying to dominate each other as they intensely make out in every corner and every surface of their house. From tearing each other’s clothes as they get rougher to their carnal desire and the chemistry – there is nothing that can top this scene. Am I wrong?

We are sure this feature will blow away any mid-week blues you are going to feel!

Do you agree with our ranking of Angelina Jolie’s 5 best s*x scenes? Let us know which scenes you think are her s*xiest, steamiest and most NSFW – we hope they feature on this list.

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