Lana Del Rey slams ‘super gremlin’ who accused her of having ‘demonic energy’

Lana Del Rey clapped back at an internet troll after being accused of “practicing witchcraft” at one of her recent concerts.

Lana Del Rey

The “Summertime Sadness” singer defended herself on Instagram after a woman claimed she used her “demonic energy” to knock over a crowd of people during her show.

“Whatever witchcraft Lana Del Rey is doing, the spells she is putting on her music to make it attractive, those demons are being invited into the crowd and into you when you attend,” the woman alleged.

“These demons will destroy your life.”

The troll then tied her argument to the Bible, telling her followers to “stay away” from the Grammy winner.

Lana Del Rey Instagram Reel
The woman accused the singer of “practicing witchcraft” at a recent concert.

Lana Del Rey Instagram Reel
She claimed Del Rey was to blame for a group of concertgoers falling at the same time.
The social media user also included footage of concertgoers seemingly falling at the same time during Del Rey’s set at a recent music festival.

While it’s unclear what led the group to tumble, the songstress didn’t seem to notice the incident and continued performing onstage.

However, the 38-year-old singer — whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant — quick to shoot down the accusations after catching wind of the video.

“B!tch I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do,” Del Rey replied. “PS you’re giving off super gremlin energy. Not in a good way.”

Lana Del Rey
In response, the “Summertime Sadness” songstress slammed the woman for giving off “super gremlin energy.”Peter Cruz /
Although the woman disabled her comments after Del Rey’s clapback, fans of the musician applauded the diss on Twitter.

“I hope she writes that into a song,” one user wrote, while another added, “QUEEN DIDNT HAVE TO END HER LIKE THAT.”

“yeah they accused her because its not humanly possible to have a voice that sweet 💯,” joked a third.

While Del Rey has denied casting spells on her fans, the songstress once jokingly tried to cast a spell on Donald Trump to end his presidency.

Lana Del Rey
“B!tch I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do,” Del Rey clapped

Meanwhile, the “Young and Beautiful” singer recently wrapped a 10-date mini tour to celebrate her latest album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.”

She did not disappoint when she returned to the stage in May for her first full concert in nearly four years.

Del Rey shocked the audience when she came out in a short, curly blonde wig — channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe. She took inspiration from the Hollywood icon again that month for her “Candy Necklace” music video.

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