LeBron James’ wife officially responded to rumors that her husband was about to retire

Did LeBron James’ wife hint he will play several more seasons in the NBA?

Tuesday will mark the official start of LeBron James’ 21st NBA season. He looks to be healthy and energized right now, and he recently said he is still motivated to be great and win another world championship.

It is anyone’s best guess how much longer he will play, let alone how much longer he will be able to play at a high level. He has apparently become injury-prone since joining the Los Angeles Lakers five years ago, and at any time, he could suffer a major injury that could rob him of his explosiveness or even jeopardize the rest of his career.

James has said many times he wants to play with his son Bronny, who is beginning his freshman year at the University of Southern California and is considered a legitimate NBA draft prospect. The earliest the younger James will be eligible for the draft is 2024, but that doesn’t mean he will necessarily declare for the draft that soon.

The elder James also has another son named Bryce, who is 16 years of age and may have even more potential than Bronny James.

Credit: FilmMagic/Leon Bennett

In a new commercial for “Beats by Dre,” Savannah James, LeBron James’ wife, may have hinted at his desire to not just play in the NBA with Bronny James but also Bryce James (h/t Lakers Daily).

Bryce James recently transferred from Sierra Canyon School, where Bronny James played his high school ball, to Notre Dame High School. He will reportedly be eligible for the NBA draft in 2026.

LeBron James’ current contract with the Lakers expires at the end of next season. However, he could opt out of that contract this summer and become a free agent.


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